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Champlain Village


OK, If you look at  Main St. you will see "Doolittle" and a bit further down, off Second St. there is a "Douglas", I can't make out if it says "Doolittle Dry Goods" or "Douglas Hotel", also there is an entry on the north of Water St. that may read "Blacksmith", these residents would seem to correspond with the neighbors of Louis Amlaw in the 1870 census and also in the 1860 Census. There is also Mr. A. Whiteside who is mentioned in the 1866 deed (Louis Amlah) and is also a neighbor of Louis Amlaw in 1870, problem is that Mr. Whiteside seems to own half the town, at least his initials show up everywhere.

This, again, calls into question the identification of the man in the 1866 deed (Louis Amlah) as being Louis Amlaw. If Louis bought this lot, just a couple miles up the road, then why hasn't he moved onto it 4 years later?