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West Champlain


Below , just before Perry's mills, along the river, is lot #22, with the initials J.W. on it. This is (I believe) the land purchased in 1866 by a Louis Amlah. I have long assumed that this was Louis Amlaw, but why is J.W. still given as the owner here? J.W. must be John Whiteside.
In 1870 Louis Amlaw seems to still be living on the same place he was in 1860, to judge by the neighbors.
Where would a harnessmaker get $1100 to but this Land?
I had thought that it was related to the sale of his interest in his mothers land upon her death, but that was only $250 and it happened a few months after this sale of lot #22.
Maybe Louis Amlah wasn't Louis Amlaw?
Seems a great coincedence though!!