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Federal Census of 1870 New York


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Clinton Co.
                          Charles Amlaw- 53, sailor on the lake, (b. NY)
$800 Real estate / can't read
Louisa                  19, cook on boat, (b. NY)
    Mary                    16, Domestic servant (b. NY)
Ida                        6,  at home (b. NY)
                           Dolphin Amlaw: 46, Farmer,(b.NY)  
$300 real estate/$300 personal
( Mother and Father of foreign birth)

 Rosella  (48)?, keeping house, (b.NY)
( Mother and Father of foreign birth)

          Ashley                 17,  farmer (b. NY)
Isaac                     12 (b. NY)
Eugene                 8 (b. NY)
Cora                      6 (b. NY)
Hurburt                 3 (b. NY)

*(lives by Lewis Baker, Farmer, /Poudent Blanchard "works in ( illegible) shop" Anthony Baker,30, Farmer, /and Anthony Baker 62, Farmer)

_____________________Pg.- 109_____________________

                   Louis Amlaw: 57,(b.NY), works in harness shop
     $100  Personal Estate
(mother and father of foreign birth)

Julia 47, keeping house, (b. Canada)
(mother and father of foreign birth)

Matilda  (30)?, servant, (b.NY)
Ellen  18, "no occupation"
            Willard  16, works in Harness shop, (b.NY)
Almira 11, at school
Martha   9, at school
Emma    5, at home
Wilbur    4, at home
Minnie M.  3,at home

        *(living by Dan Shehan-"Blacksmith", The Douglas Hotel, Doolittle Dry Goods, AlexanderWhiteside-"maufacturer  and George Lucent-"works in Harness shop".)

Pg 13

                          Joseph Amlaw, 47, Farmer, Canada
Delphine, Canada
Alex, 24, Stone Mason, NY
Mary, 22, NY
Angelina, 16, NY
Gilbert, 16, NY
Joseph, 10, NY
Alvina, 7, NY
Amos, 4, NY
Pg 1

                                     Moses Amlaw, 35, Miller (flour), B. Canada
Mellissa, 30
Melvina, 13
Sapphina, 11
Albert, 9
Angeline, 6
Riley, 4
Baby, 2


Essek Hawkins, Harnessmaker
  Laura Amlaw, 17, Domestic, B. NY