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Tombstone Inscriptions

see notes

Cooperville/ St. Joseph's Cemetary

  Eliza Amlaw
wife of Lewis Ashline
Died Sept. 26, 1877
A/E  68yrs  7 months

*(born Feb, 1809)

see notes

Wileys Point North Cemetary

  Matilda Amlaw
Died  Mar 17, 1855
A/E  28yrs, 6months, 17 days

*(Born Sept 9, 1827)

Her Daughter
Elvira Amlaw
Died July 17, 1854
A/E  11yrs, 4 months, 19 days

* Now a neglected cow pasture
no stones standing.No fence
Was once called the "refugee
cemetary" Looked very small to me.

Sciota M.E. Church Cemetary

                                           Dolphin Amlaw
Dec. 11, 1888

Rosella Abare
His Wife
Mar. 20, 1832
Jul. 31, 1904

see notes

Trombley Bay Cemetary, Chazy.

  Julia Ann Amlaw
wife of Micheal Wool
Died Aug. 5, 1825
A/E  32yrs, 1 month

*(Born Jul, 1793)

( From a written source -no stone left???)

see notes

Location Unknown

  Eliza Amlaw
wife of Lewis Ashline
Died Nov. 12,1882
A/E 23yrs, 6 months

*(Born Jun, 1859)

        Riverside Cemetary (Ellenburg Center)    

Robert Forkey
  Julia Amlaw his wife
Died  Oct 30, 1896
A/E 71 yrs, 8months

*(Born Feb. 5, 1825)

see notes

Keesville New Catholic Cemetary

  Tuffeld Amlaw
Died Sept 3, 1909
A/E 67 yrs

*(Born 1842)

( on side of Tuffields stone)

Malcolm M. Galston
Jan 24,1920

Edith M. Mitchell
Mar 26, 1922

(on reverse of Tuffelds stone)

Fred Leo Mitchell
Dec. 10, 1897
Jun 1, 1971
Celina M. Amlaw his wife
Feb. 21,1901
Jul.  24, 1972

see notes

Keesville-Evergreen Cemetary    

( on same stone)

Grace E. Spencer             Gilbert A. Amlaw
1892-1961                   1905-1969

Mooers Fork - St Annes Cemetary

                                                                  (all 3 on one stone)

Alfred Amlaw
  son of Moses and Melissa
Died Oct 7,1878
A/E 7yrs, 11months, 6days

Silaas Amlaw
son of Moses and Melissa
Died Sept 15, 1875
A/E 11 yrs, 11 months, 6 days

*(Born Oct 6,1863)

Lizzie Amlaw
daughter of Moses and Melissa
died Oct 15, 1878
A/E 5yrs, 1 month, 15 days

*(born sept 1, 1873)

see notes

Rouses Point-Maple Hill Cemetary

(one stone)

  Joseph Amlaw                Editha Weeks his wife
1847-1897                         1853-1896

John M. Amlaw


                                                                          (one Stone)

  Joseph Amlaw                                 Sophia Amlaw his wife
July 12, 1817-- Jan. 23, 1892         Feb.22, 1819--Mar 20, 1905

(on side)

  Wesley Amlaw-Jul. 6,1852--May 27, 1889

Phoebe Amlaw-Apr. 9, 1862--Aug 27,1880

(on other side)

  Winfield Amlaw- Sept 4, 1860--Feb22, 1870

  Whitney J. Amlaw-Oct. 30, 1857--Feb. 16 1939

(on small stone beside)

Gulia V Amlaw Apr. 18, 1907-Feb. 24,1909

  Joseph Winfield Amlaw
son of Joseph and Sophia
Died  Feb. 2, 1870
A/E 9yrs, 3 months, 18 days

We laid him low with many a sigh
and felt when all was o'er
That earth possesed one treasure less
and heaven one angel more


Los Angeles National Cemetery *
Westwood Village Los Angeles County California, USA
Plot: 117, 12 RW B

AMLAW, Willard Henry
 Death: Sep. 19, 1947

Florida National Cemetery
Bushnell Sumter County Florida, USA
Plot: 321, 0, 172

   AMLAW, Reed H.
Birth: Apr. 27, 1932
Death: Nov. 18 , 1996
Rank: Dentalman 2C, US Navy

Before my records were burned I had a memo of contacting some Amlaw somewhere who was this man's son. He said they were descendants of Antoin Amlaw. He also told me that before the war Reed was a serious prospect as a pitcher for the NY Yankees, but due to his war wound he was unable to do this. The wound is described as a gunshot wound to the face.
Why does that seem familiar to me?
We Amlaws are hard to kill brother!!!

Willamette National Cemetery Watson Multnomah County Oregon, USA
Plot: B, 0, 1212

  AMLAW, Leslie E.
Death: Oct. 02, 1965
Rank: Cpl, US Army

   AMLAW, Charlotte R.
Birth: Sep. 26, 1908
Death: Aug. 22, 1985