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Husband: Joseph Amlaw    
   Born: Jul. 11, 1817, Clinton Co. NY
   Died: Jan. 23, 1892, Clinton Co. NY

Father:  (Baptist?) Amlaw   
Mother: Marie (Lizette?)?
Reference Links: Census - 1850, 1860, 1880, Cemetarys

Wife:   Sophia Pelletier (Pelky) (sister of William Pelky, who married Harriet Amlaw, daughter of Joseph Amlaw, who was the paternal uncle to Joseph Amlaw (maybe), above,making Harriet  1/2 1st cousin to Joseph Amlaw, above.)
                        Married: About 1840   
   Born: Feb. 22, 1819, Clinton Co. NY  
   Died: Mar. 22, 1905

Father: Louis Pelletier
Mother:  Ursele Asseline ( Godmother to Joseph and Sophia's Child)
                               ( Godmother to Harriet Pellettier (nee Amlaw)'s child)
Reference Links: Census - 1900,  Cemetarys, Wills


                    Amelia Amlaw
                           Born: About 1840, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: After 1905 (Mother'sWill)
                                                  Married: (?) Boulis

                    William K. Amlaw
                           Born: About 1842, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: After 1905 (Mother's Will)
                                    Ref. Links: City Directories

                     Amanda Amlaw
                           Born: About 1845, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died : After 1905 (Mother's Will)
                                                     Married: (?) Sweet

 Willard H. Amlaw
                           Born: About 1848, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: After 1905 (Mother's Will)

                       George V. (Washington?) Amlaw
                           Born: Sep. 23, 1849, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: After 1905 (Mother's Will)
                                    Ref. Links: Birth

                       Wesley Amlaw
                           Born: Jul. 6, 1852, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: May, 27, 1889, (Clinton Co. NY?)
                      (Tombstone)           (Married:   Phoebe, About 1879)
                                                 (b.Apr. 9 1862/NY - d. Aug. 1880)

                        Marie Melende (Miranda) Amlaw
                           Born: Oct. 2, 1855, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: ?
                                    Ref. Links: Birth

  Whitney Joseph (Joseph Whitney?) Amlaw
                           Born: Oct. 30, 1857, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: Feb. 16, 1939, Manchester NH
                                         Ref. Links:  (Tombstone)

                        ?   Joseph Amlaw (Could be Whitney Joseph, above)
                             Born: 1858, Clinton Co. NY
                                        Ref. Links: Birth

                         Winfield Amlaw
                             Born: Sept. 4, 1860, Clinton Co. NY
                             Died: Feb. 22, 1870, Clinton Co. NY
                        Joseph Winfield Amlaw
                             Born: 1861, Clinton Co. NY
                             Died: Feb. 2, 1870, Clinton Co. NY

                      (?)Allie Amlaw - (see will)
                             Born: ?
                             Died: ?
                                        Married: (?) Hammel (Son-Frank Hammel)

                    (?) Nettie Amlaw - (see will)
                             Born: ?
                             Died: ?
                                        Married: (?) Croak

                   (?) Alice Amlaw - (see will)
                             Born: ?
                             Died: ?
                                       Married: (?) Mead