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Husband: Moise (Moses) Amlaw  
   Born: About 1833, French Canada
   Died:  Sep. 1894, Mooers, NY

 Father: Alexis Hamelin
Mother: Margaret Robert
Reference Links: Marriage, Death,  Census - 1860, 1870, 1880,

Wife:   Marcelle (Melissa) Masse
                           Married: Feb. 20, 1855, St. Josephs, Coopersville, NY                    
   Born: About 1838 , NY
   Died:  ?
Reference Links: Marriage,  Godmother to sister Angeline's child


                   Malvina Amlaw
                           Born: Oct. 25, 1855,Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: Sep. 10, 1833, Tupper Lake, NY
                   Married:   Edmund Vivia Briquier (Bricky) (Apr. 7, 1875)
                                 Ref. Links: Birth, Marriage                                          

                   Sapphina (Lavina) Amlaw
                           Born: About 1855, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: ?

                    Alphonsine (Florence?) Amlaw
                           Born: Apr. 12, 1857
                           Died: ?
                                           Ref. Links: Birth

                   Moses Amlaw
                           Born: About 1858, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: ?

                    Sophronie Amlaw
                           Born: 1859, Mooers Forks, NY
                           Died: 27 Jul 1884,Mooers Forks, NY
                                      Ref. Links: Death

                  Albert Amlaw
                           Born: About 1861, Clinton Co. NY

                  Silaas Amlaw
                             Born: Oct 6, 1863
                             Died: Sep.15, 1875 Cemetary

                  Angeline Amlaw
                           Born: About 1864, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: ?
                              ? Married:   Vital Belanger (Baker)Jul.6, 1886
                                  Ref. Links: Married, Birth of child,

                 Riley Amlaw
                           Born: About 1866, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: ?

                   Alphonse (Alfred) Amlaw
                             Born: May 28, 1871
                             Died: Oct. 7, 1878
                                            Ref. Links: Birth, Cemetary

                  Eloise (Lizzie) Amlaw
                             Born: May 29, 1873
                             Died: Oct. 15, 1878  Cemetary  
                                      Ref. Links: Birth

                   Eduard Amlaw
                             Born: 1882, Mooers Fork, NY
                             Died: Sep. 1894
                                      Ref. Links: Death     

                   Andre Emmett Amlaw
                             Born: 25 Oct 1885, Mooers Forks, NY
                             Died: Jan., 1886, Mooers Forks, NY
                                       Ref. Links: Birth