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Husband: Alexis (Alexander C.) Hamelin ( Amlaw)
   Born: Jan. 29, 1788,St.-Philippe-de-Laprairie, QC
   Died: Mar. 1870, Ellenburg, NY

Father:   Joseph Hamelin
Mother:   Marguerite Gibeau
Reference Links: Census - 1840,  1860, Witness at burial
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Wife:    Margaret  Robert
                       Married: Nov. 19, 1811, St.-Philippe-de-Laprairie, QC
   Born: Apr. 19, 1794, St.-Philippe-de-Laprairie, French Canada                                                  
   Died: 1869, Mooers, NY

Father:   Pierre Robert
Mother:   Josephte Robideux
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                       Scholastique Amlaw (female)
                            Born: About 1812, St.-Philippe-de-Laprairie, QC
                            Died: ?
                                     Married:   Antoin Paquet (dit Lavallee)

  Joseph Amlaw
                      Born:  About 1820, French Canada
                      Died: 24 Apr. 1908, Mooer's Forks NY.
                                    Ref. Links: Death

                 Narcisse Amlaw
                      Born: 1821,St.-Philippe-de-Laprairie, QC
                      Died: Jul. 11, 1849, Champlain NY
                                             Ref. Links: Burial

                 Julia Amlaw
                       Born: 5 Feb, 1825, French Canada
                       Died: 30 Oct., 1896, Clinton Co. NY
                               Married: Robert Forkey
                                           Ref. Links: Tombstone

   Moise (Moses) Amlaw
                      Born: About 1833, French Canada
                      Died: ?

               Angeline Amlaw
                      Born: About 1834
                      Died: Jun. 3, 1858, Clinton Co. NY
                             Married:   Gideon Suprenant, Jan. 7, 1851
                                        Ref. Links: Marriage , Burial

               Marie Elise (Liza?) Amlaw
                      Born: 1836, St.-Philippe-de-Laprairie, QC
                      Died: 18 Oct. 1924, Clinton Co. NY
                                       Married:   Eusebe Ouillette, Nov. 24, 1857
                                       Ref Links: Death of a child
                                       Godmother to child of Moses Amlaw
                Marriage of Daughter

    Edward Amlaw
                      Born: About 1841, Clinton Co. NY
                      Died: ?