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A few notes on Charles Amlaw's Revolutionary service file

That's NOT Charles standing, but he was there that night.

Drawing of the Regimental Uniform worn by Hazen's Regt.

look at this for a few stories about Hazen's Regiment

Series M246 - Reel # 53 / Revolutionary muster rolls /
Benjamin Mooers list of Hazens Regiment / March, 1783

Baptiste Hamelaw - Private - Enrolled 16 Dec. 1776 - Enlisted for war
    *Discharged June 21, 1783 (by* Commander in Chief)
* Honors - 1/2/3 (#2 is circled)

*( Dec. 16, 1776 is when Hazens Regt. was enrolled at Albany, they had already served some time. Interestingly, all the discharge papers of men who served more than 6 yrs, were signed by
George Washington personally (his idea). Baptiste seems to have lost his at some time around
1811, according to his pension application.
That's a hell of a thing to lose !!! I wonder how he knew when it was lost? Something happen in 1811?

I reviewed the entire list and couldn't see where anyone else in Hazens Regiment got  anything other than a "2" on the "honors" column, so I guess it doesn't really say anything one way or another about his service. Notice the spelling "Hamelaw", I guess old Benj. Mooers was familiar enough with French to get the silent "H" but drew the line at "lin" sounding out as "law"!

(229)Laurent Olivers Roll
Feb. 1776

    6th Company, "Jean Baptiste Amelin"

Just thought I'd add this, the roll is in French, and you can see the spelling change.
 Alexander Ferriole Jr. is the fifer boy here by the way. His father was in the Company.
The Ferriole's were a big family in Clinton Co.

I  looked through the Paymaster's ledgers for Laurent Olivers Co. and there was nothing remarkable in them,
save for one thing. I found that the lists of names in the ledger were never in any regular order, alphabetical etc, the names seem to have been entered as the men stepped forward in line to be paid. It might mean something that in the majority of these, Baptist Amlin and   Julian Belonger where listed one after the other. It looked as though they where almost always standing in the pay line together. When I recalled that Julian Belanger was Charles Amlaw's neighbor in 1798 tax assesment and seemed to be also in 1790, 1800. I wondered whether this might indicate a friendship between them. Julians grandson also married Charles granddaughter, but this is as likely to be coincedence, as the Refugee community in Clinton Co. was small.

Just thought it was worth mentioning.