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Revolutionary Uniform

This regiment of the Continental Line, under the command of Colonel Moses Hazen, was recruited at large during 1776, and was known as "Congress's Own," because it was not attached to the quota of any one of the states. It was composed of men from all the states and from Canada, but most were from Pennsylvania and Canada. Throughout the war, it was known as a splendid command.
The uniform of the battalion companies until 1779, was brown faced with white. After that date the facings were changed to red.
The battalion companies wore black felt hats cocked up and trimmed with white braid. The light infantry company of the regiment was given black leather caps as shown in the drawing. These caps were low, almost skull caps, each made of six pieces of jacked leather, with straight peaked front of the same, decorated with painted ciphers "C. 0. R." and the motto *"Pro Aris et Focis" over them.

*The latin motto seems to translate as

For our Altars and Fires
For our Altars and Homes

or, basically

For God and Country


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