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John  Battis Amlaw TO Chadonet/1829

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In exchange for $250 to him in hand paid John Baptist Amlin "bargains, sells, releases' and quit claims all the estate rights or title claim ,or demand in law or equity with all and singular the privelidges and appurtanances thereunto belonging" Lot # 65 Deans Patent "meaning that lot leased by Francis Chadonet to Charles Amlin in the year 1806, and released to me by Charles Amlin the first day of January, 1829, on which lot I know reside. 125 acres more or less, to the heirs of Francis Chodonet.

                        31 July,1829

            On the first day of August 1829, came before me John B. Amlaw the Grantor within named ,to me personally Known ,and acknowledged that he signed sealed and............etc etc etc.

 *(There is also a deed from John B. Amlaw TO John B. Trombley, Vol O , page- 278, Dated 1829, that I will write to Clinton Co. and attempt to replace, it was accidently destroyed. I have no memory of it's contents)