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Jan. 1,1829: Charles Amlaw TO Baptist Amlaw

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Know all men by these presents that I Charles Amlaw of Chazy Clinton County and State of New York do hereby for the consideration herein after mentioned & to be performed by John battis Amlaw my son sell and convey to him all my rights title & reservations to Lot No. Sixty five in Deans Patent on which myself & family have lived for the last twenty five years.  I having heretofore conveyed some right to it to Francis Chandonet & Reserved rights and priveliges during my lifetime_ those rights and privileges I now convey to my son J.B. Amlaw & for which rights and privileges he the said J.B. Amlaw hereby agrees to support the said Charles Amlaw as long as he may live with necessary  Clothing and Provisions all that the said Charles may want in sickness & health over and above what his pension of eight dollars per month will not purchase which pension is to be applied by the said Charles living by himself and the said Battis when thereunto requested by the said Charles it is expressly agreed by the parties that whatever right or title the said Charles now has to the  above premises by Title or by possesion is hereby freely conveyed to the said John Battis his son for the considerations above mentioned to be done and performed by the said J.B. Amlaw who now resides on the premises. And the said J.B. Amlaw further agrees to let his mother remain on the premises as long as she lives if she chooses to live in the house she and the said Charles now reside in & have the use of five Acres of land near the Lake and about the house during her lifetime if she chooses to remain there after the death of the said Charles. The premises hereby conveyed are bounded on the north east by the Lake on the south by land belonging to J.B. Trombley & north by land belonging to Stephen Rosevelt - and contains as the lines now run about one hundred and twelve acres (be?) the same more or less- Given under my hand & seal this 1st day of January 1829 Signed sealed and delivered in presense of  M. Sax.   Saloman Rosevelt-            his                          
Charles    X     Amlaw  
John B     X        Amlaw