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Federal Census of 1820 New York

Clinton Co.

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Charles Amlin         
No trade given

1 male  45 and over
(B. before 1775)

1 female 45 and over
(B. before 1775)

Charles and Agathe it would seem, but if they are in Beekmantown, then who was that in Chazy?(below)
Seems to me most likely that the man in Chazy was Charles' son "Baptist" who may well have been christened Charles, or that one of these men is the "other" Baptist again.


   Joseph Amlin         

3 males under 10
(B. between 1810-1820)
Louis was born in about 1813, but the others?
One could be the Joseph that married Sophia Pelletier, he was born in 1817

1 male of 10 and under 16
(B. between 1804-1810)
Joseph would have been about 18 in 1810 so he must have married young.

1 male of 26 and under 45
(B. between 1775-1794)
(Joseph b. 1792)

1 female of 26 and under45
(B. between 1775-1794)
(Joseph's wife)

  Charles Amlin  
  (father or son?)    
 Trade = Manufacture

1 male under 10
(B. between 1810-1820)
Charles Amlaw (m. Adaline Dumont) was born in 1818

2 males over 45
(B. before 1775)
at least we can assume 2 adult males here.
Possibly father and son are being counted here in spite of the fact
that the father may well be residing in Beekmantown, (above).
The son's age seems too high but those census takers were pretty sloppy.

1 female of 26 and under 45
(B. between 1775-1794)
Seems too young to be Agathe, so likely it was (the son) Baptist's  wife

Charles Amlaw, the rev. war vet. was a shoemaker, I guess that might constitute "Manufacture".

I think it seems likely that this is Charles' son "Baptist" living on the family farm.
Possibly the father and mother (Charles and Agathe) are living in Beekmantown but the census taker counted the father twice, possibly based on second hand info from a neighbor who just said
"Yes, thats where those Amlaws live. Yeah that's right, father and son"
But if so, then why no older woman (Agathe)?
The woman listed would seem to be the son's wife, he should have one by then.

Maybe the man in Beekmantown was the "other" Baptist.