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Theoretical Descent Tree for Charles and Agathe Amlaw

                                             Nicholas (Jacques?) Hamelin
                                                   (m.  Jean Dubois)
                                          /                                    ?  \ ?
                        Jacques Hamelin                                      Jean Baptiste Hamelin
                  (m.   Marie Barbe Sulliere)                    (same as Jacques, at left, or brother????)
             (sister of Marie Francoise, at right)                      (m.   Marie Francoise Sulliere)
                                  /\                                                  these are the parents on
                    Charles Baptiste Hamelin                                Charles' marriage entry                                     
                            (b. 1750)                                                       
                 (the other Baptist Amlaw?see notes)    
               ( or is THIS Charles, below)  

                          Charles Amlaw and (? 1st wife) and Agathe Bureau (second wife)
                              /                                               \                        \
         Joseph Amlaw (by first wife)                Charles Amlaw      Baptist(Charles?) Amlaw
        (m. Charlotte Longchamp)                     (m Adaline Dumont)         ( m. ? (Lizette?) )
                   /        \                                                                            ? /?  ? \ ?
       Louis            Dolphin                                                                  Joseph             
       (b. 1813)        (b. 1823)                                                             (b. 1817)            
       (m.Julia)       (m. Rossella Abare)                                              (m.Sophia Pelky)    

The idea here is.... that Jean Baptiste Hamelin and Jacques Hamelin may have been the same person.
Marie Francoise Sulliere WAS the sister of Marie Barbe Sulliere, so if Jean and Jacques were the same man, then he must have been "involved" with both sisters. No, one wasn't dead. Seems unlikely to me. I maintain that Jean Baptiste and Jacques were brothers.  The son of Jacques and Marie Barbe was only 3 years older than the Charles in Clinton Co. but remember that there were TWO men in Clinton Co. that seem to be related, could this man be the "other" Baptiste???
This is my current theory, if you have a better one, Please let me hear from you.

We have good                            that Agathe Bureau was NOT the mother of Joseph (m.Charlotte). Joseph (m.Sophia) could be a son of Joseph(m.Charlotte), but the scales tip in favor of Baptiste, Agathe's son by Charles.

I have listed Charles (m.Adaline Dumont) as a son of Charles and Agathe, this seems likely but not certain. The fact that he and Joseph (m.Sophia) lived in such close proximity and shared a common trade, boatman, seems to imply a relationship of some sort, they also both moved to Manchester NH at about the same time and were both returned to Clinton Co. for burial. My theory here would make them uncle and nephew, despite then fact that they are only 6 months apart in age. The 6 months difference would seem to preclude them having been brothers as I first suspected. The dates are taken from their respective gravestones.