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Plattsburgh Republican Index

Special Collections
Benjamin F. Feinberg Library
Plattsburgh State University College
Plattsburgh, N.Y. 12901
Bruce Stark
August 1979

Local newspapers provide an excellent source for studying the history of a town or area, for gaining a local perspective on national issues and events, and for securing genealogical information. A1though the Plattsburgh Republican was not the first newspaper published in Clinton County, it was the first continuously published paper and the first one for which virtually all issues are extant. Founded in April, 1811, the Republican, on a weekly basis, printed national and international news, reported on events of local importance on a somewhat haphazard basis, included news of marriages and deaths, printed a large number of legal notices, and gladly accepted advertisements.
Information pertaining to the history of Clinton, Essex, and Franklin Counties has been indexed. In order of frequency, researchers can find material on Plattsburgh, the remaining towns in Clinton County, Essex County, and Franklin County. Approximately eighty per cent of the headings are for persons, the remaining twenty per cent for subjects. The project is an ongoing one, therefore, the Index will be expanded 25 additional work is done.
The following guidelines have been used in making this index:
1. Only materials relating to Clinton, Essex, and Franklin Counties have been indexed.
2. Persons from outside the area are included only if they marry someone from the local area or have some other connections with it.
3. Legal notices and advertisements invariably appeared in severalsuccessive issues of the newspaper. A listing is given only on the first appearance of an item.
4. All dates given in the Index refer to the date of the newspaper, not the date of the event.
5. The town of residence for each individual is given, if known.
6. Names for which spelling variations exist are interfiled.
For example.
   Averil, Averill
   How, Howe
   Kingsley, Kinsley
   Moor, Moore
   Reynold, Reynolds
7. If considered important, some indication of the subject matter of the items is given.
For example:
Mooers, Benjamin J. Physician SMal3:34
Ransom, Lewis Fed. Com. Corres. 20N12:32
8. The names of many more people appear in the newspaper than can be included. Genealogists, therefore, should examine such subjects as:
Clinton County Officer Committee of Correspondence - Federalist Party
Committee of Correspondence - Republican (Jeffersonian Party)
Peru - Post Office - Letters
Plattsburgh - Post Office - Letters
Also listings for men who served on Election Committees, as Inspectors of Elections, as Commissioners, etc. under more general subject headings should be examined.
In order to get as many citations as possible on a single card, each listing Is abbreviated. Information that will lead the researcher to the day, month, year, page, and column for each entry is given in no more than nine spaces.
Sample entry: 25D12:31
The first one or two numbers represent the day. A single letter or two letters indicate the month. Two additional numbers give the year. Following the colon, two additional numbers give the page and column number.
Abbreviations for the months of the year:
Ja - January Jy - July
F - February Au - August
Ma - March S - September
Ap - April O - October
My - May N - November
Ju - June D - December
Other commonly used abbreviations:
adm. - Administrator, administratrix
adv. - Advertisement
Coll. - Collector
Com. - Committee, Commissioner
d. - died, death
dau. - daughter
decd. - deceased
def. - default
est. - estate
exec. - executor, executrix
Ins.d. - Insolvent debtor
Ins. e. - Insolvent estate
m. - marriage
M.s. - Mortgage sale
obit. - obituary
s - supplement, i.e., 13sAu12:22
s. - son
s.s. - Sheriff's sate
12Jyll pp. 1-2
21Aul3 pp. 1-2
3S14 pp. 2-4
25Jal5 pp. 1-2
l1Ma15 pp. 3-4
Period of coverage: April 1811 - Dec. 1815