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About this site

Let me start by saying that this is my first attempt at making a web site, so be gentle with me !! If you're here then maybe you're in the same fix as me. I've been doing genealogical research as a "little" hobby, on and off, mostly off,  for almost ten years now. I've had some good luck on other sides of my family, but these Amlaws have been like a brick wall. Most other researchers wouldn't have started out with as many obstacles to overcome as I did, but I'm sure you're not having the easiest time either. To top it off, I lost most of my research notes in an apartment fire about 4 years ago and pretty much gave up the genealogy until recently, when I finally went "online". Anyone who remembers doing genealogical research before computers will readily understand why I gave it up. What you see on this site is pretty much all I had left, along with what I've found so far on the internet. Maybe this can be of help to someone starting their climb up the Amlaw family tree. I know I wish I had something like this when I first got started, and it will be worth the effort if I can help spare one other person all that bother !
 I'm hoping to be able to keep adding to the site, and I hope others on the electronic highway may be able to help me out, so bookmark the site and keep checking back. I will post any changes or additions on the "additions and corrections" page. I know that the census data is incomplete, I try to visit the Archives regularly and hopefully I will have eventually reconstructed my Census records. If you have any entries I don't have, or suggestions on where to search, please E mail me.

I hope you'll start by reading the "about my own research" section on the "welcome message" page you just left. It will explain my modest attempts at tracing my own Amlaw line, and maybe give you a chuckle or two !

I have gone ahead and put the site "online" before I added some features so, again,  please excuse the "construction mess". I will especially need to add to the "useful links" page in the near future. Of course, if you've managed to get here, you are probably already familiar with as many of them as I am ! Please use the E mail address on the front page and let me know what you think of this site so far, and  correct me if I'm wrong about anything, any help or materials you can give me would be very very very much appreciated, and remember to sign the Guestbook .

So now go and read "about my own research"