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NEW YORK TIMES" article, Tues, Feb. 14, 1928

Two Guards Killed By Insane Convicts

Three others Injured by six men attempting to flee Bridgewater (Mass.) Hospital

Leg of bed used as club victims were bound, strangled and beaten to death--
Investigation is started

Bridgewater Mass., Feb. 13-

Eugene Amlaw, night supervisor, and Wilfred Gerrior, night watchman, were murdered in the State Hospital of the Criminal Insane during an attempt by six of the prisoners early this morning to escape from the institution.
District Attorney Wilfred M. Wilbar of Brockton is handicapped in his investigation by the fact that no other guards were present when the two men were clubbed and strangled to death, but there are indications that Arthur W. Shaw, alias James Melton was the leader of the six insane prisoners involved and had an oak     post, torn from the foot of his bed, in his hands when the battle began.......
                Micheal T. Mullen, John Harrington, and George Johnson, guards whi were injured by the prisoners after the supervisor and night watchman had been murdered, are recovering from the blows and choking they received.