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Civil Register of Births Deaths and Marriages in Westfield Mass.

Abstracted from the civil register of Births Deaths and Marriages in Westfield Mass.
Book located in the Town Clerks office, very poor condition and was very poorly done in the first place.
Many gaps and missing pages, information very poorly collected.
There are alot of Typhoid deaths in 1886, must have been an epidemic.

  Death: Elizabeth Amlaw/Typhoid,died-1886, born-1854 in NY.,            Father-David, Condition-Married/

   Death: Maleon Amlaw/Malnutrition/ Infant/ Born and died in 1886           Born in Cavendesh VT./
            Father-Lewis Amlaw, Mother- Elizabeth

  Death: Lewis J. Amlaw/Typhoid/ died 1886/born-1862, NY/ Father- Lewis  

             Death:  1890/ 2 unnamed infant sons of Lewis J. Amlaw birthplace of father- Champlain NY.

  Death:1907/Charles M. Amlaw/born in 1889 in Mass
Father-Lewis J. Amlaw  Mother- Sarah M. Chapman

              Death: 1915/ Lewis Amlaw/ 75 yrs old.
                                           *(no further info given)