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War of 1812

Partial Roster of Captain Septa Fillmore's Militia Company/War of 1812.Taken from the Hubbel Papers: During the battle of Plattsburg this Co. was merged into Cpt. Atwoods Co. They were in the Regiment of Colonel Thomas Miller, NY State Militia
The rolls of this Co. were burned.

        John  Beagle
        Levi Minkler
        Jonathon Douglass
        Julian Belanger
        Francis Kinsley
        Nathaniel Flower
        Thomas Patnode
        James Laframbois

From a "Report of fines" made Oct. 28, 1818
(presumably these "fines" were incurred earlier)

        Ebenezer Sherman
        Christopher Minkly
        Jonathon B. Douglass
        Hiram Ferris
        Alexander Blanchard
        Levi Cluff
        Barnabas Minkley Jr.
        Ichabod Ransom
        Wait Vaughn
        Andrew Wilson
        Roswell Johnson
        Bela Edgerton
        James Denison
        Thomas Cooper
        Amos Hayes
        Niles Helms
        Ebenezer Titchout
        Reuben Randall
    *Baptist Amlaw
        David Donaldson
        Adonijah Carter
        Israel Tracy
        James Martin
        Richard B. Jones
        Richard Angell
        Stephan Roosevelt
        Nehemiah Merrit
        Edward White

Other men with similar names in war of 1812.
 All I have left right now is this list,
I found these entrys 10 yrs ago in Albany NY. in a list of men from NY killed in the War of 1812. I couldn't find anything else on these men in Albany or in the Federal Archives, I guess because they were in the NY State Militias. If anyone lives in NY, you could try again, when I was there the archives were in a sorry state !!!

              Alexi Amelin/(Alexander Emly)-- Rangers, U.S. Volunteers (NY)
            Moses Amlan/--- Co. H, 153th  NY Infantry

            George Amilin/---Co. F, 80th   NY Infantry

              Charles B. Amelin/ Private/ Co. B, 1st NY Engineers
                    ( Enfant Perdu's Independant Battalion)