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Pension Application of Charles Amlaw 1819

State of New York
    County of Clinton.

            Charles Amlin the applicant within named being sworn says that his parents were Canadians, that he was the oldest son, that it was then cutomary among the Canadian French to call the oldest Son of the Family by by the sir name or family name only. designating younger sons by their Christian names. that he was accordingly while in Canada & during his youth called Amlin simply: that when abroad he this deponent was occasionally called Baptiste: an appelation frequently given to persons  who in first christened by a different name, which was the case with this Deponent. this Deponent was generally known while in the American Service in the War of the Revolution by this adopted name of Baptiste. But as this deponent could not read he might not have known, or if he did, has since forgotten whether he was enlisted & enrolled by that name or not, but supposes he was. But since  that time living living abroad & from his family & a christian name being necessary, and this Deponent having been Christened by the name of Charles Amlin he has considered Charles as his true Christian name but that no Law has ever (pap..?) or been applied for to change his name from Baptiste to Charles_and he is now frequently & usually called Baptiste by his neighbors as formerly. that no person bearing the name of Amlin belonged to the said Captain Olivers Company during the Revolutionary war except he this deponent or to that Regiment within the knowledge of  the deponent
Sworn this 3 day of (June?)                           Charles    X   Amlin
1819  before us                                                        mark
Caleb Nichols