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Land Deeds of Clinton Co. NY

Baptiste Amlin TO Benjamin Mooers/ Dec. 1, 1788

Aug. 8, 1809: Charles Amlaw TO Baptist Amlaw

Feb. 1, 1816: Charles Amlaw, Agate Amlaw, Baptist Amlaw(first) to Baptist Amlaw (second)

Jan. 1,1829: Charles Amlaw TO Baptist Amlaw

John  Battis Amlaw TO Chadonet/1829

28 July, 1866 / Whiteside to Amlah

Dec. 11, 1866 / Amlaw to Guyette

The 1869 Landowners Map of Clinton Co.

Deeds on File at the Clinton Co. Courthouse that are not already transcribed here.

Documents filed at the County Clerk's Office - Clinton Co. NY