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Federal Census of 1910 Massachusetts

Town of Westfield

Enumeration Dist-667 Sheet #(obscured on all sheets)

                             (head)Louis Amlaw, age 70, Widower,
Born in NY. Speaks English,
                       Loop puller in a Whip factory, literate
                    Father b. NY/ Mother b. Fr. Canada

(daughter) Matilda Amlaw,  age 14, B. Mass,
Father- b. NY / Mother b. Mass


Enumeration Dist.- 667-- Sheet # (Obscured)  was not too near to above entry.

see this same family in 1900

see notes

(head)   George Amlaw, age 36, born in Vermont, married twice,
married 7 yrs to current wife,
                    Father b. Fr. Canada/ Mother b. Vermont

(wife)    Pearl Amlaw, age 27, married once, married 7 yrs, 0 children
Very VERY poor quality Copy/almost unreadable