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Federal Census of 1900 Massachusetts

Hampshire Co


Enumeration District-628, Sheet-2
dated 9-18 June, Enumerator- Metcalf J. Smith

(head)George W. Cottrell, b. March, 1856, born in Mass.44 years of age, married 21 yrs, Farmer, owns farm, mortgage, literate
                            Father b. Mass/ Mother, b. Mass

(wife)  Elsie A. Cottrell, b. Aug, 1855, born in Mass.,  44 years of age, married 21 yrs, mother of 4, 3 living, literate
                            Father b. Mass/ Mother, b. Mass.

(dau.)    Mary A. Cottrell, age 19

(son)       Frank A. Cottrell, age 17

(dau)    Sarah E. Cottrell, age16

(mother) Angie M. Cottrell, age 68, b. Oct. 1831, born in Mass widowed, mother of 4, 3 living, literate
                            Father b. Mass/ Mother, b. Mass

(boarder) Charles M. Amlaw, age 10, b. Oct, 1889, born in Mass., at school for 8 months this year, literate
                            Father b.  (Blank)/ Mother, b.(Blank)

                      (boarder)  Bertram C. Amlaw,age 8, b. Aug, 1891,
                                   born in Mass at school for 8 months this year, literate
                            Father b.  (Blank)/ Mother, b.(Blank)

Middlesex Co
Wakefield town

Enumeration District-970, Sheet- 7
dated June 7, Enumerator- John Loughlon

OAK Street

(head)    Albert W. Whipple, age 45, b. Nov. 1854, born in Rhode Island, married 5 yrs, Laundry man, rents house, literate
                    Father b. Rhode Island/ Mother b. New Hampshire

    (wife)      Sarah  Whipple, age 44, b. Aug, 1855, born in Scotland, Emmigrated-1873, mother of 0 , literate
                        Father b. England/ Mother b. England

(Boarder)Rockwell D. Hull,age 6,born in Mass., 9 months at school this year
                        Father b. "unknown"/ Mother b. "unknown"

(companion) Nellie A. Hutchinson, age 15, literate                                                     
                         (boarder)Bessie Amlaw, age 5, b. Jul, 1894,
1 month at School this year,

(boarder)  Willie Covell,  age 5,  at school 1 month

(boarder) Grace Johnson, age 4

    (boarder) Joseph McHenvern, age 5

    (boarder) William Barnes, age 5

Hampden Co

Springfield City

Enumeration Dist. 599, Sheet-21, Dated June 13, Enumerator- J.W. Kemp

Coleman Street  

(head) SilasH.Granger, age47, Widower,  Day Laborer in City
owns house free, literate

    (son)  Silas C. Granger, age 17, Laborer in Pistol Factory, literate

    (son) George H. Granger, age 16,  Laborer in Pistol Factory, literate

    (son) Ezra J. Granger, age 7, in school 10 months

(housekeeper)   Sarah Amlaw, age 37, b. June, 1862, born in Mass      married 12 yrs, mother of 6, 4 living, 0 months unemployed,
                        Father b. Mass./ Mother b. Mass
Westfield Town

Enumeration Dist- 609, Sheet- 13, dated June 9, Enumerator-Harry B. Putnam

Gillett Street

see this same family in 1910

See my notes

(head)   George Amlaw, age 26, b. Aug. 1873, born in Vermont,          married 5 years, Day Laborer, 0 month unemployed, rents house
                    Father b. Fr. Canada/ Mother b. Vermont

    (wife)  Agnes Amlaw, age 21, b. Sept, 1878, born in Connecticut   
mother of 2, 1 living, literate
                    Father b. NY/ Mother b. Mass

    (dau)  Matilda Amlaw, age 2, b. Nov, 1897, born in Vermont,

    (father) Lewis Amlaw, age 56, b. Apr, 1844, born in Fr. Canada, Widower,Day Laborer, emmigrated in 1870, alien status, literate
                    Father b. Fr. Canada/ Mother b. Fr. Canada

Franklin Co

Deerfield Town

Enumeration Dist- 476. pg 15, Dated June 25, Enumerator- Benjamin Z. Stebbins

( head) Willis A Prescott, age 36, b. Vermont, Freight Conductor

    (wife)   Lucy E. Prescott, age  31

    (son)   Elmer (?) Prescott, age 10

    (son)  Willis A. Prescott, age 5

    (son) Herbert H. Prescott, age 3

     (boarder) Arthur French, age 25, b. Mass, R.R. Brakeman ,0 months unemployed                          
             see notes       (boarder)   Herbert Amlaw, age 28, b. Jan, 1872, born in NY,
                               R.R. Brakeman, 0 months unemployed
                Father b.-NY / Mother b.- NY

(boarder) Charles C. Black, age 68, b. Vermont, Laborer

(* Seems to be alot of R..R.. men living in this town.)

North Adams

Ed-58, Sheet-4

  Abraham Amlaw,56, B. Nov., 1844, in NY, Boarding House Keeper/rents
Father-b. NY / Mother b. NY

Ellen, 53, B. Dec. 1846, in NY,
Married 36 yrs
Father b. Canada / Mother b. Canada

John, 26, b. Nov.,1873 , in NY, Teamster

Milford, 24, b. Jan., 1876, in NY, Teamster

Charles H., 18, b. Nov., 1882, in NY, Shoe finisher

Frank Z., 16, b. Jan., 1884, in NY,

Robert, 12, b. Oct. 1887, in NY,

+ ten boarders