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Hazen's Regiment's Activities During The War

Locations of the Canadian Regiment During the War

This calendar is as accurate as can be determined for the official assignments of the regiment. It needs to be used with caution, however, because rarely was the entire unit together in one place and under Hazen's immediate command. His companies were constantly being assigned to detached duty under other commanders, so that the career of a given individual might differ markedly from the following chronology. Furthermore, Hazen himself was often absent from his regiment while recruiting, drumming up support for a Canadian campaign, or just pursuing his personal affairs.

Jun.: left Canada for Crown Point
Jul.: to Ticonderoga
Sep.: to Albany
Nov.: to Fishkill, N.Y., for winter quarters

Jun.: to Princeton, N.J.
Aug.: battle for Staten Island
Sep.-Oct.: battles of Brandywine and Germantown
Fall: to Wilmington, Del., for winter quarters

Feb.: to Albany for the abortive Canadian campaign
Apr.: to West Point
Jul.: to White Plains to help guard New York City
Nov.: to Danbury, Conn., for winter quarters

May: to Coos for roadbuilding
Oct.: to Peekskill, N.Y.
Nov.: to Morristown, N.J., for winter quarters

Summer: to King's Ferry, N.Y.
Fall: Garrison, N.Y. Campaign to Morrisania
Nov.: Fishkill for winter quarters

Jun.: to Albany and Mohawk Valley to guard against expected British attack
Jul.: to West Point
Aug.: to Dobbs Ferry and northern New Jersey to threaten Staten Island
Sep.: to Williamsburg and Yorktown, Va., for the siege of Yorktown
Dec.: to Lancaster, Pa., to guard prisoners of war

Nov.: to Pompton, N.J., for winter quarters

Jun.: to Newburgh, N.Y. Furloughing begun