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Cvil Registration of Whitehall NY

see notes

#1292 - Birth - Oct. 11, 1895, Herbert A. Amlaw
Father - Herbert Amlaw, age 24, born in NY - 1868, R.R. Brakeman
Mother - Clara Hewitt*, age 24, born in NY

#1423 - Birth - Feb 2, 1897 - James Emerson Amlaw
Father - Herbert A. Amlaw, age 26, Born in Rouses Point NY, 1970, R.R. Brakeman
Mother - Clara Hunt*, age 26, born in (illegible, could be Whitehall)

* the discrepency in the names here is in the originals and just goes to show that we Amlaws aren't the only people that had to suffer this indignity, I'll bet the name Rockefeller never gets misspelled!