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Dolphin Amlaw's Family Bible

This is in the possession of Paula Deml's family, she sent this transcript of the
inscriptions found inside. She has seen the bible and attests that these are the only
inscriptions to be found.

Presented to Dolphin Amlaw by his mother on her deathbed (1861)

Presented to Ethel Amlaw by her grandmother
Rosella Amlaw in the year 1907

Edmund Ross Amlaw

This was your Great-Grandmother's Bible, she was Gorden
of the old puritan Gordens that landed on old Plymouth Rock.
She gave this Bible to your Grandfather Amlaw in the year 1861
See that you take good care of it and follow it's teachings and make
the world better because you have lived in it. It was given to Dad
this summer. Now I pass it on to you.  1928.

Presented to Burton Amlaw Oct. 9, 1934 by his father
Ross Amlaw

(in the bottom left hand corner)

Ethel Amlaw gave to Isaac Amlaw in 1928
Isaac to Zadee
Zadee to Ross 1928
Ross to Bud 1934
Burton to Jon T.R. Amlaw 1990

(Also found, uncertain exactly where in the bible)

Carrie Loomis was born Aug. 25, 1879.

The inscription to Ross Amlaw was almost certainly written by Zaidee Amlaw, the widow of Isaac Amlaw. Isaac died in 1928, and apparantley Zaidee gave the Bible to Ross that same year. Zaidee refers to "your Grandfather Amlaw" and H. Ross's Grandfather was Dolphin Amlaw.
Rosella Amlaw was Dolphin's widow.
Ethel Amlaw was the daughter of one of Dolphin's sons, most likely it would be Ashley. Ethel was living with Rosella in Manchester NH in 1900, after Dolphin died in 1888, Rosella seems to have moved to Manchester to be with her sons Ashly and Whitney. Ethel was 21 years old in 1907, when she recieved the Bible.
However Rosella died in 1904, it must have come to Ethel shortly after, or there is an error in either the writing or the reading of the inscription.

In 1928, Ethel Amlaw gave it to Isaac, who was her Uncle. Isaac lived in Wisconsin.
It is interesting to wonder how exactly this came to pass, and why Ethel would have given it to Uncle Isaac instead of to one of her relatives in Manchester. Ethel was 42 in 1928, so she was still young enough to have made the trip out to Wisconsin herself, bringing this gift with her. Maybe since Uncle Isaac was so far from the others she felt he would want this memento to remind him of them. Since Isaac died that same year, it is also possible that this may have been a "farewell" visit.

  The Loomis Family lived just up the road from Dolphin Amlaw, so the reference to "Carrie Loomis" may refer to the birth of a grandchild. Probably one of Dolphin's daughters married one of the Loomis boys.

Now as to the "Great- Grandmother" of Ross Amlaw that Zaidee refers to in her inscription. This would be the mother of Dolphin Amlaw, who gave him the Bible "on her deathbed". Dolphin's mother was Charlotte Longchamp. This makes it seem that the "Gordens of the old Puritan Gordens" was likely to have been Charlotte Longchamps mother, Patience. We have no surname for Patience yet. But, as Paula has pointed out, Patience seems a very Puritan sounding name, and certainly not like the usual French names we find in the family in this period. Patience was the wife of Louis Longchamp, who was a Revolutionary War Vet that served in Hazen's Regiment. We get Patience's first name from the 1798 Tax Assessment of ClintonCo. NY. She is the "heir of Louis Longchamp". So now we have a tenative surname for Patience, Gorden.

But where would Louis Longchamps have met and married a Puritan girl?

Where was he in 1787?

Was it during his travels in the Revolution?

Were there any Gordens on the Mayflower?

The search continues..........