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Husband:  Antoin Amlaw
   Born: Jul. 1850, French Canada
   Died: Oct. 18, 1928 , Easthampton Massachusetts
                                   Emmigrated in 1872 (according to 1900 Census) when he would have been 22 yrs
                                   The 1920 Census enty seems to be quite off the mark as to the dates. It also says that Antoine
                                    had "Alien Status", which contadicts the 1900 info that has Antoine as being naturalized in 1878.
Reference Links: Census - 1880, 1900, 1920

Wife:   Julia Alain   
   Born: Mar. 1858, NY
             Married: 1872 (according to 1900 Census)

Father: Jean Alain
Mother: Marie (Lizette) Plouffe
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    Antoine Amlaw (Jr.)
                      Born: Jan. 23, 1873, NY
                             Married: Anna Vondell
                                    Ref. Links: Birth

   Vetal (Victor) (Frank) Amlaw
                      Born: Feb. 1874, Mooers Forks NY
                      Died: Sep. 16, 1939, Easthampton Mass.
                            Married: Mary Leclair

    Joseph H. Amlaw
                       Born About 1876, NY
                       Died: ?
                               Married: Delia Beauvias (Bovia)

                          Mamie Amlaw
                    Born: 1878
                    Died: 1932, Easthampton Mass.
                           Married: Earl Mayo        
                                        Ref. Notes: SEE PHOTO

    James S.(F?) Amlaw    1920 Census)
                       Born: About 1879, NY
                       Died: ?                                  

                Frederick Amlaw
                       Born: About 1880, NY
                       Died: ?

                  Jean Baptiste Amlaw
                       Born: 23 Jun, 1882
                       Died: Oct, 1883
                              Ref. Link: Birth, Death

                  Marie Amlaw
                       Born: Sep. 22, 1884
                                      Ref. Links: Birth , possibly in the 1900 census
 Leon Amlaw
                       Born: about Aug, 1887, NY
                       Died: Dec. 3, 1961, Northhampton Mass.
                              Married: 1st - Albina Labarge
                              Married: 2nd - Melvina Charbonneau

                Mary B. Amlaw
                       Born: Mar. 1890, NY
                       Died: ? age 82, in Easthampton Mass.
                                 Married: 1st - Paul Houle
                                 Married: 2nd - Louis Champagne
                                                     Ref. Links: SEE PHOTO


                Amelia May Amlaw
                        Born: 13 Apr 1894
                        Died: 27 Feb 1968, Springfield Mass. (buried in Ellenburg NY) see obituary
                                Married: Harley Begore
                                             Ref. Links: SEE PHOTO

                Ellen Amlaw
                        Born: Apr. 1886, Ellenburg NY
                        Died: ?
                                Married: Edward Clark
                                               Ref. Links: SEE PHOTO