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Husband: Joseph Amlaw   
   Born: About 1820, French Canada
   Died: Apr. 25, 1908, Mooers Forks, NY

Father: Alexis Hamelin
Mother: Margaret Robert
Reference Links: Marriage, Death, Census - 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880,

                                PHOTO OF JOSEPH AND FAMILY
            Read a detailed history of this family written by a descendant.

Wife:    (Delphina) Lemire  
                           Married: Nov. 4, 1845, St. Joseph's, Coopersville
   Born:  About 1827, French Canada
   Died: 1918, Mooer's Forks NY
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      Alexander (Alexandre) Amlaw
                           Born: Aug.22, 1846, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: ?
                                               Ref. Links: Birth

                 Mary Ann Amlaw (see photo)
                           Born: About 1848, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: ?
                                   Married:   Richard Martineau, 23 Aug 1869
                                              Ref. Links: Marriage   
                  Vera Amlaw
                           Born: About 1863, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: After 1946
                                       Married:   Henry Henderson
                   Angeline Amlaw
                           Born: About 1854, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: ?
                                      Married:   Peter Dupois
                                                 Ref. Links: Marriage

                 Louisa (Clary) Amlaw
                           Born: Jul. 9,1851, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: ?
                                           Ref. Links: Birth

                  ? Laura Amlaw
                           Born: After 1852
                           Died: ?
                                        Married:   Albert Roade


      Gilbert (Albert) Amlaw
                           Born: Aug. 22, 1856, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: May 19, 1947, Plattsburgh, NY

                 Joseph Amlaw
                           Born: About 1860, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: ?

                 Alvina Amlaw
                           Born: About 1862, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: ?

     Amos B. (Eusebe)Amlaw
                           Born: About 1865, Clinton Co. NY
                           Died: 1949