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Husband: Abraham Amlaw                             
   Born: Nov., 1844, Clinton Co. NY      
   Died: ?
Father: Charles Amlaw
Mother: Adaline Dumont
Reference Links: Birth, (Census - 1850, 1860, 1880, 1900.)  Deeds on File
                      Godfather to child of Charles Amlaw and Adaline Dumont
                      Godfather to child of sister Adaline

Wife:   Eleanor (Lenore) Doncan(s)  
       Married: 1864                                                
   Born: Dec., 1846, NY                                   
   Died: ?                                                       
Reference Links:

                         Georges Amlaw
                              Born: Oct. 23, 1865, Clinton Co. NY
                                     Ref. Links: Birth

                      Joseph Abraham Amlaw
                           Born: Sep. 19, 1867, Clinton Co. NY
                                      Ref. Links: Birth               

                   John Amlaw
                         Born: Nov., 1873, NY
                         Died: ?

                   Milford Amlaw
                         Born: Jan., 1876, NY
                         Died: ?

                   Charles H. Amlaw
                         Born: Nov. 1882, NY
                         Died: ?

                  Frank Z. Amlaw
                         Born: Jan., 1884, NY
                         Died: ?

                  Robert Amlaw
                         Born: Oct., 1887, NY
                         Died: ?