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Husband: William Pelky  

Father: Louis Pelletier
Mother:  Ursele Asseline (Godmother to Joseph and Sophia's Child)
                               (Godmother to Harriet Pellettier (nee Amlaw)'s child)
Reference Links: Brother of Sophia Pelletier (Pelky) wife of Joseph Amlaw?

Wife:   Henriette (Harriet) Amlaw    
   Born: May, 1826,  Clinton Co. NY
   Died: After 1900,  Clinton Co. NY
Reference Links: Census - 1900,  News Article



                      Louise Pellettier
                                         Ref. Links: Birth
                   Charlotte Pelky
                          Born: About 1858, Clinton Co. NY
                          Died: ?

                   Ernest Pelky
                         Born: About 1859,Clinton Co. NY
                         Died: ?

    Fidelia Pelky
                         Born: About 1863, Clinton Co. NY
                         Died: After 1900

                   Cora Pelky
                         Born: 1866, Clinton Co. NY
                         Died: ?

                   William (Willie) Pelky
                         Born: Nov. 1868, Clinton Co. NY
                         Died: ?

                    John Pelky
                         Born: About 1872, Clinton Co. NY
                         Died: ?