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Found in City Clerks Office in Champlain NY



  Elizabeth Bertha Amlaw
May 29, 1905
Father,   Joseph Amlaw, aged 27 - Laborer
Mother,   Mary Breyeau, Aged 29
4th Child, all living

see notes

  Alfreda Amlaw
May 22, 1905
Father,   Fred Amlaw, Resident of Champlain, aged 40
Mother   Amelia Seymour, aged 38
7th child, all living

see notes

  Hector Joseph Amlaw
Feb. 21, 1907
Father,   Fred Amlaw, age 42
Mother,   Amelia Seymour, age 40
8th child, all living


Bertha Amlaw
July 4, 1905
Age - 7 months

No Parents given?
These are from my own(very old) notes.
It may be wise to check again if this is relevant for you.